How to make money on Facebook

Making money online is not a hectic task these days most of the teenagers are making money online using facebook,I have wrote a detailed guide on how to make money on facebook.

1.Making Money through facebook Games and Apps

If you want to make loads of money in a short span then this is the best opportunity.

Create an App/Game,Register on Facebook Devolopers and start uploading your work and promote it.When most people start using your Apps/Games you can make some decent amount of money 

Facebook Game - Clash of Clans Make atleast 1 Million Dollars every day according to a report on forbes.

2.Making Money Using Facebook Page

If you have a facebook page with good amount likes you can make atleast $100 a month by sharing links,Sharing pages,Promoting affiliates products and finally blogging and sharing on your recipes on your page will make you some good amount of money.

3.Making Money Using Facebook groups

You can even make money with facebook groups.All you need to do is find some viral content shorten it using and and share them in groups when ever someone clicks your link you will make money.

Don't continously spam groups it will lead your profile to temporary or permanently ban.

 I Will keep updating this section 

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How To Create Single Word Facebook Name

Facebook, Almost every Smart Phone user have an account on Facebook these days.While Signing up for Facebook you can't make Single word name you need to Put your Last name Compulsory.Some People Has Only One Word Name and they don't know how to create a single word name.In this Post i will show you how to Create a single Word Facebook Name


How Does this Works ?

We can do this by two methods

  • By Changing Proxy Settings
  • By Changing Our IP address

Indonesians has one word name so we have to choose indonesia proxy or change our IP address to make single word facebook name.

How to create Single Word Facebook Name ?'

Google for "Hola Chrome ExtensionDownload  and Set your Country as Indonesia.


Login to your facebook account go to Settings >> General 

Change Your Language To Bahasa Indonesia and Save Settings.

Now Edit in Name Section and Write your First Name Leave Second Name Blank Hit Save.

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How to download Anything from Expired Websites

Few Days Back i was searching for some eBooks after hours of continuous browsing Finally i found what i was looking for on a blog it was pointing out to some external website.I wanted to Download the eBook to read it my surprise when i clicked the download button i got redirected to a expired website..

Luckily i was using Alexa Toolbar so using a little trick i downloaded the eBook

Go to Internet Archive and enter the URL and hit "Browse History

You can see blue dots on the calender that means the specific blog was saved by Internet archive. 

Select the year from the top and click on the bluedot and you can browse the expired website.

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How To Delete Registered Mobile Number From LINE Messenger

LINE Messenger has introduced LINE Premium Calls recently.In order to make calls using it you need to register your Mobile Number So when you call people your number will be displayed instead of private numbers

I registered my mobile number in order to give it a try and Check How is this different from Apps like Viber and some other voip apps.

After registering all my contacts were added from my contact list.But,later when i tried to remove my contact number there was no option to remove my Mobile number.After many tries i found a solution on How to Delete your mobile number from LINE messenger.


On Android Devices 

Open your LINE Messenger and go to Settings>>Accounts

You will see an option to link your LINE account to Facebok.Hit the "link" Button you will be redirected to facebook Login page enter your credentials.

Now We have successfully Linked our LINE account to facebook.Now close the LINE Messenger and then go to Settings>>Application Manager>>LINE

Click on clear Data it will clear all your login credentials.

Open the LINE Messenger and Login with your facebook account you linked.

Go to accounts Section and you can see your number will be deleted.

Note : You will Lose all your previous messages

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25+ Best Wordpress Converted Themes For Blogger

Blogger Is the best platform to Start Blogging Most Of The Newbie Bloggers Choose Blogger as their Default CMS Because It's Free And a Easy To Manage It Can Be Customized Easily Even By A Newbie Blogger. 

So,Here In This Post I Have Made A List Of Those Blogger Templates Which are Adapted From Wordpress.

    Eleven 40 Blogger Template

                                                                    More Info

   Just Blue Blogger Template 

    Enpine Blogger Template

                                 More Info           
      Chroncl Responsive Blogger Template 

     DIY Thesis Blogger Template

   Twenty Twelve blogger Template

    Point Free Blogger Template

    Sensational Blogger Template

    Decorus Blogger Template

     Simple Snipe 

     Perk Mistry Blogger Template

    Pinstagram Blogger Template

     Bloggie Blogger Template

    News Mag Blogger Template

     Playbook Blogger Template

    Minimum Blogger Template

    Freshlife Blogger Template

   True Pixel Blogger Template

  Resizable Blogger Template

    Channel Pro Blogger Template

   Magzinify Blogger Template

    Lightness Blogger Template

    Max Mag Blogger Template

   Accent Box Blogger Template

     Ignite Blogger Template

    Spike Blogger Template

     DualShock Blogger Template

    Balance Responsive Blogger Template

 So,These Are Some Wordpress Converted Themes For Blogger If We Have Missed Any Templates Please Let Us Know We Will Update It As Soon As Possible.

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11 Fast Loading Premium Blogger Templates

web design plays an vital role in Making your blog successful.if you don't choose a right template for your blog it may ruin your alexa rank and can lose your readership.
recently,i have posted some premium Wordpress Like Blogger Templates For Blogger.

below are some blogger templates with fast loading speed.

10 Fast Loading Blogger Templates

1)Channel Pro Blogger Template

Channel Pro Blogger Template

2)Daily v2.0 Blogger Template

daily v2 blogger template

3)DevilWorkshop blogger template

devil workshop fast loading premium blogger templates

4)Fresh Life Blogger Template

fresh life fast loading premium blogger templates

5)Mash2 Blogger Template

Mash2 Fast loading Premium Blogger Template

6)MBT V1 Blogger Template


7)Next Saturday Blogger Template

fast loading premium blogger template

8)Resizable Blogger Template

free premium blogger templates

Demo | Download

9)ShoutMeLoud Blogger Template


10)Stitch Rule Blogger Template

fast loading premium blogger templates

11)Tech Shadow Blogger Template

fast loading blogger templates tech shadow

Demo | Download

Final Words

these are 11 fast loading and premium blogger templates which are available for free,i have tried this templates on my demo blogs and got some good response so i  have shared this templates.

if you have any difficulty in downloading templates or if the link is broken please notify through comments,I will fix them.

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39 Wordpress Like Blogger Templates

Many People Choose Wordpress Because Of Many things But Mainly Because Of Design Which Isn't Available On Blogger,I Have Made A List Of Blogger Templates Which Are Converted From Wordpress To Blogger Below Is The List. 

Bloggie Responsive Blogger Template

Brand Mag Blogger Template

Codify Blogger Template

City News Blogger Template

Eden Fresh Blogger Template

Demo | Download

Eleven 40 Blogger Template

Escape Velocity Blogger Template

FlatMag Responsive Blogger Template

Demo | Download

Flat UI

Demo | Download

Flatnews Blogger Template

Fizz Blogger Template

FreshLife Blogger Template

Demo | Download

Focused Blogger Template

Gamerz Mag Blogger Template

GoGreen Blogger Template

 Demo | Download

Intouch Blogger Template

Kent Blogger Template

Koresponsive Blogger Template

Kontify Blogger Template

Lightness Blogger Template

Magazon Blogger Template

Maxmag Responsive Blogger Template

 Demo | Download

MBL Appolo Blogger Template

Minimum Responsive Blogger Template

 Demo | Download

News Blogger Template

Demo | Download 

Petro Mag Blogger Template

Demo | Download

Point Blogger Template

Purez Blogger Template

Red Carpet Blogger Template

Redhood Blogger Template

Sensational Blogger Template

Smart News Blogger Template

Smartify Blogger Template

 Demo | Download

TruePixel Blogger Template

Twenty Twelve Blogger Template

Team Blog Blogger Template

Vortex Blogger Template

Widgetly Blogger Template

Wooden Mag Blogger Template

These Are 30 Premium Blogger Templates Which Are Available For Free ! Don't Remove The Footer Credits Because These People Do Hours  Of Coding And Provide This Templates For Free.

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